Hecklers Attack Lance Armstrong at Restaurant, His Response to Them Sent a Powerful Message

July 27, 2018Jul 27, 2018

Lance Armstrong is one of the most famous athletes in the world. Sadly, his name and reputation were tarnished after a doping scandal surrounded his Tour de France victories.

Many fans turned their back on Lance after news that he used doping to gain an advantage in racing. A lot of people were heartbroken that their favorite athlete was not who he claimed to be.

"Speaking on Freakonomics Radio with host Stephen Dubner, Armstrong said he understands why people might not forgive him years after his doping came to light after years of denial. Now, he’s just trying to win people back," according to Time.

Armstrong went on to share a recent encounter he had with some fans in Denver who clearly did not like him. He said that while he was getting into a car, a group of customers at a restaurant patio began to yell profanity at him. However, it was Armstrong's response that is truly remarkable.

"Ten years ago, Armstrong said, he would have 'jumped across the railing and start throwing punches.' But this time, he placed a call to the restaurant manager. After explaining the encounter, he gave the manager his credit card number and asked him to buy meals and drinks for the customers on the patio," reported Time.

Armstrong even went so far as to tell the manager to tell the group that he understood why they are upset at him. What a humbling encounter.

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