Heather Locklear Released from Psych Ward

June 21, 2018Jun 21, 2018

Following a three-day hold in a psychiatric ward, Heather Locklear was released.

The actress, who starred in movies such as “The First Wives Club” and the TV drama “Melrose Place,” was hospitalized over the weekend after she threatened to kill herself.

She was held on a 5150 call, according to Fox News, which means that a person can be held for 72 hours against their will for evaluation and treatment, if a danger to themselves or others is determined.

On Sunday, Ventura County Fire Department was called to her home after a family member dialed 911, concerned that Locklear was in danger of hurting herself. Ex-fiance and former “Melrose Place” costar Jack Wagner opened up about her hospitalization to US Weekly

“Listen, we all have our struggles and our issues,” Wagner, 58, said. They had dated from 2007 to 2011. “There’s no one that can say we don’t.”

He added, “So Heather’s in my prayers. I love her and her family and I just hope that she can really dig in and turn her life around. I love her to death and I just pray for the best for her and her family.”

Four months ago, Locklear was arrested in her six-bedroom home on a felony charge of domestic violence, reported US Weekly. Also charged to her were three counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer.

That offense came following a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. When police arrived at her door, they said she was “uncooperative and agitated” and “threatened to shoot” the responding officers.

Following that incident, she returned to rehab for the sixty time. According to US Weekly, her daughter, Ava, had said that she was trying to get her mom to go to rehab for some time.

“Heather refuses. … She will stop drinking for a while, but will relapse. It’s a truly sad situation.”

Please pray for the “Dynasty” alum as she returns home, that she can find rest from her troubles and healing. Be sure to read about the suspect arrested and charged in the murder of a famous musician.