Customers Cause Chaos by Outrageous Act After Chick-fil-A Messes Up Their Order

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

On Monday, a Chick-fil-A in Florida was trashed due to a pair of unhappy customers. Allison Music, a witness of the incident, captured part of the exchange on video. 


Music explained that as she was waiting for her order, a teenage boy began arguing with the staff. She said that he was acting very upset and continued arguing for “a good 15 to 20 minutes.” She said that the customer was making “a complete fool of himself.” 

According to the witness, about five minutes later two women approached the restaurant. The manager had locked the door but the women began beating on it and trying to “bust the glass.” When they still couldn’t get in, they walked around the restaurant to an unlocked door. 

The women began yelling as soon as they walked into the restaurant. At this point, the manager was already on the phone with police. In the video footage, the women can be heard trying to defend their brother, the customer that had been previously complaining, about being served cold chicken nuggets. 

An employee assured the women that the teen had already been issued a full refund. Apparently, that was not enough to suffice for the women, who at that point began to destroy the restaurant. 

They knocked straws, condiments, and napkins all over the floor, yelling throughout the entire episode. The witness said that the Chick-fil-A staff remained composed the entire time and handled everything in a “reasonable manner.” She also said that the women should be ashamed of themselves, especially because there were kids in the restaurant who were “crying they were so scared.”

She said, “You handled this situation the sorriest way a person could handle it. You are rude, you are a narcissist, and you shouldn’t be proud of what you did. The only thing you accomplished was making a scene. Other than that you accomplished nothing.”

Music posted the videos to her Facebook page immediately following the incident.

What do you think about this? Should the situation have been handled differently on either end? Let us know what you think on Facebook! Chick-fil-A is usually in the spotlight for their generosity and kindness. Check out this recent story of what the restaurant did when U.S. troops sent a request for Chick-fil-A sauce.

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