Heartbreaking Update on Missing Family of Six in Houston

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017
Updated August 30 2017 3:10pm ET

After Hurricane Harvey shook the nation late Friday evening, devastation has fallen across the nation with the continuously rising death toll and increase in property damages. According to the New York Times, the death toll has risen to 30 and is expected to get higher.

On Sunday, a family of six in Houston went missing, who was believed to have been swept away in the midst of the flooding. Two great grandparents, their four grandchildren, and the uncle were trying to escape the massive flood in a white van, before the vehicle became fully submerged under water.

The uncle, Sammy Saldivar, got away, but the other six family members were unable to get out of the van. According to NBC News, Sammy was the driver and tried to encourage his family to follow him out, but it was too late. WDTV reported that Sammy blames himself for what happened.

After days of not being found, the van was finally discovered with all six bodies inside on Wednesday. This incident has previously been described as “the single deadliest incident resulting from the storm.”



Please keep this family in your prayers, as well as others affected by the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In more lighthearted Harvey news, a Hollywood actress is making headlines for her million dollar donation to hurricane victims.

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