Heartbreak For Princess Eugenie Days Before Son’s Christening

Princess EugeniaJust experienced the complete circle of life. Our hearts go out for her. It seemed like she was surrounded with life and hope after being gifted with a healthy grandson, August Philip Hawke Brooksbank. This is your chance to open the doors for a new generation.

Sadly, at the same time that was happening, her father-in-law, George Brooksbank was fighting an illness (after having narrowly beaten Covid last year), and sadly, that sickness came to head in the worst way possible right before baby August’s christening.

Circle of Life

George Brooksbank had been very ill for some time. He lost his battle just days before August’s christening. It is difficult to imagine a miracle being followed by tragedy. It is almost as if the parents opened one door to let in the baby, and closed another. You could also say that the blessings and losses were balanced out. Sometimes fate can be unpredictable like that.

Brooksbank was only 61% old, which is still a very young age to die from any health-related issues. As stated priorHis battle with Covis took a lot from him last year, and he never fully recovered. But no one could’ve predicted how close these two incidents would be to one another. But Brooksbank had been on a ventilator for the last five weeks, so the loss wasn’t completely unfounded. Regardless, it was still very difficult for them all.

Grief and gratitude

One thing that stands out in this otherwise sad story, is the fact that the elder was able to meet his grandson before he died. It is a wonderful thing to see them meet. As if one generation passed the torch to another, informaly. It almost seems like Brooksbank was holding on to that exact reason. Once he realized little August was going well, he shuffled away from this mortal coil content.

Even though you don’t wish this on anyone, sometimes life can open one door and close the other. Brooksbank seems to have died peacefully. Knowing that he was able to meet his grandchild makes it both sadder and more joyful. One thing is certain: Princess Eugenia will never forget the year she had, both for positive and for negative reasons.