Hear the Tear-Jerking Story of Worship Leader Competing on America's Got Talent

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

As Christians, we are given the mandate to see God’s “kingdom come” on earth. As part of that, we are called to influence culture and use the platforms that we have been given in order to share the powerful testimonies that point back to the glory of God.

This season on America’s Got Talent, one of the contestants is doing just that. Michael Ketterer is a worship leader who has been able to bridge a gap between church and culture, all while bringing glory to the kingdom of heaven.

Ketterer has worshiped alongside several prominent worship groups, including United Pursuit and Bethel Worship. He is based out of Influence Music which stems from Influence Church. On Friday, the group released their debut album, which was highly influenced by Ketterer’s story.

He and his wife, Ivy, have adopted five kids through the foster care system. Because of the trials and ups and downs that their family has gone through, Ketterer said that he learned a great amount about the Father’s heart. The learning process that they went through especially influenced one of his songs "Kingdom." Below are some of the powerful lyrics:

“Let them be forgiven, let them be fathered.

Welcome to the kingdom, my sons and daughters.”

Below is the powerful music video for the album “Touching Heaven” and part of Ketterer’s story.

Below is another video that Influence Church released recently featuring Michael Ketterer and Melody Noel:

We are wishing Michael Ketterer all the best as he is featured on America’s Got Talent! It is so powerful to see strong Christians influence culture in this unique way! Will you be watching? Let us know!

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