Headless Torso Found in Fish Tank Inside California Home, Details Released

September 28, 2018Sep 28, 2018

A shocking discovery has just put an end to the case of a man who went missing in California recently. According to reports, police have discovered that the missing man was actually found inside a fish tank in his own home. However, the scene was pretty gruesome.

"The headless, handless torso found last month inside a California home's fish tank was confirmed this week to be that of a missing San Francisco bartender. The city’s medical examiner’s office confirmed Wednesday the torso found Aug. 17 was that of 65-year-old Brian Egg. Forensic pathologists are still trying to determine a cause and manner of death, the San Francisco Chronicle reported," reported Fox News.

The body was also said to be pretty hard to identify since it was badly decomposed. At this time, two suspects have been identified in connection with his disappearance and death.

"Two suspects, identified as Lance Silva, 39, and Robert MacCaffrey, 52, were arrested shortly after Egg’s remains were found inside his home. They were no immediately charged, pending the medical’s examiner’s report, the newspaper reported," said Fox.

Neighbors were originally the first ones to report Brian as missing. They hadn't seen him for a while and also began to notice people coming in and out of his home. They believed that his absence, coupled with the unknown guests, was suspicious and alerted authorities.

At this time, a motive in the case has not been released. Police are still working to put together a timeline for how, and why, this violent murder occurred. Please join us in praying for Brian's family and friends during this difficult time.

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