Hawaiian Man Receives an Innovative Sentence After Harassing His Ex-Girlfriend

October 30, 2017Oct 30, 2017

A Hawaiian crossed last April when he decided to text his ex-girlfriend 144 times. Daren Young crossed the line one too many times, reported AP

In February 2017, Young’s ex sought a protection order against him. He was ordered not to contact her again, including by phone.

Two months later, he violated that direction; sending her 144 “nasty” text messages in a three-hour period. After spending 157 days in jail before being sentenced, Young finally got one of the most unorthodox sentences.

After he pleaded no contest to violating a protection order, a judge on the Hawaiian island of Maui handed down one complicated sentence. Young received time served, two years probation, $2,400 in fines, and 200 hundred hours of community service.

But those weren’t the only things he had to do. Judge Rhonda Loo also ordered Young to write 144 compliments about his ex-girlfriend.

“For every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing,” Loo told Young. “No repeating words.”

The judge added, “It’s so childish to think a grown man can be so thumb-happy.”

Young told the Judge that he won’t reach out to his ex-girlfriend again. He’s going to move on with his life.

“I don’t know whether I should cut off your fingers or take away your phone to get you to stop texting,” Loo told Young. “You probably shouldn’t get a phone, period. I hope she changed her number,” concluded the judge.

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