Hawaii’s First Officer on Big Island Fatally Shot, Intense Manhunt Underway

July 20, 2018Jul 20, 2018

On Tuesday Officer Bronson Kaimana Kaliloa, 46, was fatally shot on the Big Island of Hawaii. Kaliloa was the first officer to be fatally wounded on that island. An intense manhunt is under way to apprehend the killer.

On Thursday two arrests were made in the investigation. Their arrests came, according to Fox News, after a police chase in which several shots were fired as the suspects fled in a stolen vehicle.


Those persons are believed to be associates to Justin Waiki, 33, the main suspect in Kaliloa’s death. Police are confident that he will be found before he leaves the island.

“We hope to get him today,” said Hawaii County police spokesman Alan Richmond. “We have a full press on, as you might imagine, to capture him.”


The car chase started when police received a tip that Waiki was spotted in a Toyota pickup in Kailua-Kona, located on the opposite side of the island where the shooting took place.

Officers approached the man in the driver’s seat and his passenger, a woman. The man drove at the officers, who fired three rounds at them before the truck sped away.

As the police chased the Toyota they fired 10 rounds at it before the mand and woman abandoned it and ran off into a coffee field. Police found them, and arrested Harvey Damo Jr. and Shevylyn Klaus on suspicion of theft, as the truck they were driving had been reported stolen in Hilo.


Kaliloa in 2014 was named “Officer of the Year” for his department. He was married 23 years and had three children.

“He was strong and kind and funny and smart and chivalrous and served his community every day as an honest and upstanding police officer whose convictions guided him to always do the right thing,” wrote his niece Kawehi Haug.

Please pray for his family during this difficult time of loss. Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. In recent news, a major auto maker has recalled hundreds of thousands of cars due to a roll-away risk. 

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