Witness Shares Shocking Details About Lava Accident in Hawaii

July 24, 2018Jul 24, 2018

Hawaii is said to be one of the best vacations spots in the entire world. The beautiful water and tropical weather make it an ideal spot to visit during the summer.

However, a sad news story was recently reported on the Big Island. 23 people have been injured after their tour boat was struck by lava.

"A lava bomb hit a tour boat on Monday morning in Hawaii, injuring 23 people, the Hawaii County Fire Department said. The lava punctured the boat's roof and it returned to Wailoa Harbor, the fire department said," according to CNN.

13 passengers were treated at a local hospital. There was also an additional 10 passengers who suffered "superficial injuries" and were treated on site.

"One woman in her 20s was in serious condition with a fractured femur, the fire department said. Three passengers were in stable condition. The lava bomb, or flying chunk of molten rock, left a large hole in the boat's roof, the fire department said. A railing was also damaged," according to reports.

Now, one passenger is speaking out and telling her story about the event. He said that he was "waiting for death" as he tried shielding his girlfriend from the falling debris.

"I remember getting hit with the lava in my back and just waiting for the heat," Will Bryan, a 38-year-old paramedic who was on vacation in Hawaii, shared with The Associated Press. "I just assumed that whatever hit me was lava and I was going to burn and die."

He also opened up with how he is coping since the lava hit the boat. His girlfriend said she even has PTSD and gets uncomfortable sitting next to a running clothes dryer.

"It's getting better each day, but I definitely feel like I'm kind of suffering from some PTSD," she told the AP Monday by phone from Portland, where the couple lives. Walsh added she still has trouble being alone in the dark.

"The two were on a 49-passenger sightseeing boat that brings people to see lava from Kilauea volcano entering the sea. The volcano, which has been active for decades, began its latest eruption on May 3 and has destroyed more than 700 homes since," reported Yahoo.

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