Have You Ever Wondered Why a Dog Tilts Its Head? The Answer Might Surprise You

June 05, 2017Jun 05, 2017

There are few things in this world that are cuter than when your dog looks at you and tilts their head as if they know exactly what you are saying. It's that one behavior that can melt even the hardest of hearts. Have you ever wondered just why man's best friend does this?  

While sometimes it might seem like they are just trying to get out of trouble by giving you the look that goes straight to your heart, the real reason, according to the experts, is that dogs are actually amazing at empathizing with us. 

It is believed they can read and respond to our body language. While they may not understand exactly what we are saying to them, they are trying to listen and respond to the keywords that they may already be familiar with, those exciting words like walk or food. 

Other researchers also say that they are tilting their heads to adjust their outer ear in order to hear the exact location of where the sound is coming from. While a dog's hearing is better than ours, their capability of determining where the sound came from is not as precise as ours. 

Another reason for the head tilt is in order to see us and our facial expressions even better. Try putting a fist up to your face, like a dog's snout, and imagine trying to look straight ahead at someone's mouth. If you tilt your head a bit you can get a better view of their facial expressions, which is what our dogs rely on in order to respond to us. 

However, if you do notice your dog tilting their head an abnormal amount of time it could be a sign of your dog feeling imbalanced. According to PetMD, it could be the sign of various diseases or even an injury, in which case you should contact your dog's vet.

Do you have a dog that melts your heart with their head tilt? What do you think the reason is behind your dog's adorable head tilt?