Have You Ever Seen a Tornado This Close?

July 12, 2017Jul 12, 2017

12 hrs

On Tuesday evening, an insane tornado descended on Eastern Iowa. In this incredibly clear video, you can see the tornado ripping through the Iowa farm land about a mile from a family farm. If you turn up the sound, you can even hear the metal on outbuildings creaking from the wind. 

Towards the middle of the video, which has over 877 thousand views on Facebook, the tornado rushes past two farms, pulling up trees in its wake. You can then see the trees whipping around—some going up in to the funnel and others being thrown back to the ground. 

The person who took this video must not be afraid of tornados! I would have been down in basement if that big of a tornado was only a mile away. 

Here are some other photos and videos of the same tornado. It had quite the funnel going!