Has Bill Been Faithful To Hillary Lately? Democrat's Answers Reveal STUNNING Hypocrisy Toward Trump

October 12, 2016Oct 12, 2016

Two weeks ago, the Media Research Center did a man-on-the-street video of Hillary Clinton supporters asking them if they believed that Bill Clinton has been faithful to his wife since he left office 16 years ago. Their answers are very, very telling in light of the Donald Trump news that broke last week. Watch and see:

(Parental warning: Not appropriate for kids)

By in large, the Hillary supporters interviewed thought Bill Clinton was probably still being unfaithful to his wife. Some joked about it, and others thought it was no big deal if he was. Another sentiment was that it was no business what Bill did in his personal life, and one woman said she was actually insulted by the question.

Yet once news of Donald Trump's 2005 crude sexual remarks broke, the Left went nuts.