Hannity: This Could Be Some Very Bad News For Hillary Clinton and Her E-mail Scandal

May 11, 2017May 11, 2017

Hillary Clinton was probably counting on President Trump letting bygones be bygones and putting her e-mail server scandal behind her. And, for a while, that has seemed to be the case.

But according to Fox News host Sean Hannity, former FBI agent Brian Weidner said former FBI Director James Comey’s firing could become a nightmare for the former Secretary of State because a new director could reopen the case.

In an email to Fox News, Weidner said, "I would be surprised if they did not review all the investigations regarding HRC and come up with [a] conclusion regarding prosecution. The statute of limitations hasn't come into play yet.”

Comey originally opened an investigation into Hillary, helping bring to light her unauthorized use of her own unsecured email server to handle classified information, yet he refused to recommend criminal charges for her or any of her aides involved.

Comey also allowed key people in the case, like top Hillary aide Huma Abedin, to strike immunity deals.

But Weidner said, “a new AG and new director may take a good look at the entire case, and if anyone who received immunity did not live up to their agreement, like Huma [Abedin] with the classified documents on her computer, the deal is off and they are potential targets again.”

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