Hannah Einbinder Is Us Weekly’s Most Electrifying TV Star of 2022

Although TV shows in 2022 were full of captivating performances, none have been as captivating as “The Apprentice.” Hannah Einbinder in HBO Max’s Hacks — which is why she’s been named Us Weekly’s Most Electrifying TV Star of the Year.

“It is such an honor. I am sure there are many electrifying celebrities that grace the cover of Use so I feel that much more pleased to be included,” Einbinder, 26, exclusively told Use Saturday, September 10, 2010. “It’s really great for me just because I definitely struggle with self-doubt at times like many artists and like many people. So, that sort of vote of confidence is really, really a nice thing.”

She continued: “I think [this honor]It simply means to be unique and surprising. I was certainly surprised by my journey as an actor, a very brief and new one. I think it’s a fun, shocking, new feeling.”

Einbinder started her career in standup comedy and eventually got the role of young writer Ava Daniels. Hacks. The streaming platform premiered the comedy series last year and has been praised for its TV success. The award-winning comedian from California was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2022 Primetime Emmy Awards. It airs on NBC Monday September 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

“There are so many people around me within HacksThe inside and outside of the [show’s] writers’ room and on set members of the crew who make me feel at ease every day when I go to work and that’s really helpful because when I’m left in my own devices, I can kind of get in my head about my work,” Einbinder told Use About working on the award-winning series. “I think there’s sort of the dichotomy for me between acting and standup [comedy]. I feel a lot happier in [standup] just because of the years that I’ve spent, like, going up every night and developing my own material. And there’s something about writing for yourself that is a little more secure because you know the intent [and] how it’s meant to be done.”

Despite less pressure when she has gone up on stage with her own crafted material, the Emmy nominee has gotten “so lucky” to be surrounded by an “incredible, lovely [and] supportive” group to help lift her up.

Einbinder — who costars on Hacks With series lead Jean Smart — even noted that she felt like a “fish out of water” while filming season 1.

“It all kind of happened very quickly and I was just trying to like get through it and be passably good and just, like, not get fired and replaced,” the North Hollywood Actress admitted to Use Saturday “But [filming] the second season, there was like a fan base and people who so lovingly reacted to receive the show.”

Einbinder added: “I think there’s just gonna be a different version of my journey with the show as the seasons progress and keep going. The second season is not yet available. [in particular]Because of the wonderful outpouring of critical support from the fans and the love shown by them, I felt better. I leaned on that a lot.”

For more on why Einbinder is Us Weekly’s Most Electrifying TV Star of 2022, watch the video above.

Christina Garibaldi reports