Hannah Brown on How Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron Felt About Book

As she gets ready for the releaseGod Bless This Messy JournalThe sequel to her best-selling memoir is titled???? Hannah BrownReflecting on the response toGod Bless This Mess.

“I was super grateful for all the support that I was given for the book. I was very proud of the support I received from those who helped me. There was a lot of talk about the book, and I knew there would but, overall, I feel like if people actually read the book, it was about my experience,” the 27-year-old author said exclusively on Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “And I think when people can pull little excerpts out of a book, it can be taken the wrong way. The book was not written to hurt anyone. It was all about me and how I acted in every situation, every opportunity, and every obstacle. I had a lot of lessons to learn and a lot of learning to do. And what I’ve loved about the response is that there’s so many people that are able to go on their own journey through the similarities of my life experiences and others.”

Hannah Brown Weighs In on Peter Weber, Tyler Cameron's Reactions to Her Book

Hannah Brown, Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron.

The November 2021 release documented Brown’s life, including her stint as the season 15 Bachelorette — and her overnight date with Peter Weber. She also revealed that they had been secretly together when he was on the show for months.

“I did not [talk to her after the book came out]. I reached out to her, but I did not receive any comment. [back]You know what? It is what it IS. I personally, I wouldn’t have done something like that,” the season 24 Bachelor said on “Here for the Right Reasons” earlier this year. “If two people have a private situation and talk and they say that they’re gonna keep it private, I just keep it private. I don’t know — she now has done that to me on two occasions where she said she’s not gonna say anything. And then she says something.”

Brown also addressed her ending relationship with the runner-up Tyler Cameron, who she claimed texted her “If you rock with me, you rock with me” as their final exchange. “I’ve got receipts, too,” the model said on “The Bellas Podcast” podcast when the book came out.

“I honestly can’t remember what their reactions were. It’s been so long,” Brown told Useone of her exes. “I don’t think either one of them probably read my book. I think it’s hard when it’s just taking little excerpts out or, like, the big moments that I’m sure if they haven’t read the book would, maybe, be upsetting, but it really wasn’t about that at all. It was about my journey to process what happened, how I can improve moving forward, and my role in it. It was not meant as a personal or hurtful comment. I respect how they’ve all moved forward and I’m gonna continue doing that too.”

The journaling was one of the ways the Alabama native was capable to move forward. She hopes her fans will try it with her April 12 release.

“I think that’s one of the things that intimidates people about journaling. They think they have to write in it every day, but I think it’s a tool for you to use on those days that you really need to journal,” she told Use. “The way that I’ve even formatted this journal for the user [is]To help them learn how journaling works. There’s no right way, but the mistake you can make is not [being]You must be honest with yourself. Sometimes, it is necessary to be honest with oneself. That’s kind of what I did with the two parts of the journal is I wanted to show people how you can use your journal as a tool to kind of get through those hard moments.”

Brown also sought the assistance of a therapist to assist her in writing the journal.

“I wanted to bring my therapist along to help me make sure that I was crafting prompts that would help an individual during times where they needed to learn the correct way from a professional — those prompts that will allow them to get down to what’s actually going on,” she said. “What are the emotions that are actually there vs. sometimes when we stay very surface level. I think we all tend to do that when there’s layers that are a little bit painful underneath. A therapist was able to help me to make sure I was using prompts that would actually help me to move past the pain and celebrate the good times. Just the best way to really be able to help a person write and grow.”

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