Hannah Ann Shades Katie, Clare for ‘Bachelorette’ Golf Cart Drama

Hannah Ann Sluss (Kati Thurston), and Clare Crawley.

Case (finally closed)? It’s been two years since Hannah Ann SlussWas spotted on the set for season 16 of The BacheloretteHowever, her potential role in the future is unclear. Clare Crawley / Tayshia Adams’ season of the ABC show made waves again earlier this summer when Katie Thurston suggested that the woman seen at La Quinta wasn’t the BachelorSeason 24 winner after all.

“That was me. The funny part of it is that, like, I don’t care. Nobody else cares. Only a few people care, I believe. … It’s just not a big deal. … No one has to believe me at all,” Hannah Ann, 26, said on the Thursday, August 25, episode of the “Click Bait” podcast, calling the speculation “strange.”

She continued: “But if that’s how someone wants to use their spare time, then go for it. … But I just thought it was funny because, like, no one actually knows the real reason why I was there. So I that’s, like, the best part is people thinking they know the reason but they actually don’t.”

In August 2020, Us WeeklyHannah Ann was spotted in Palm Springs. Photos of Hannah Ann, a reality star, were shared by Katie, who broke the news and shared photos. Hannah Ann was wearing a mask because of coronavirus protocols. Katie, 31 years old, suggested that someone else was in the golf car.

“Ok maybe not the ‘hottest tea’ but I laugh at y’all thinking you know who this is,” the season 17 lead wrote alongside the photo.

Clare, who starred in the first half of season 16, then chimed in, “I was 10 feet away, I know exactly who that is hahah!”

When Katie responded, “Thriving,” Clare added, “Just out here proving the point that not everything you ‘see’ is truth.”

Bachelor Nation fans subsequently speculated that it was a producer on the show who resembles Hannah Ann, with the drama being dubbed “#Slussgate.”

Season 16 was full of chatter, as viewers may recall. The BacheloretteClare chose to leave after Clare made the decision to go with Dale MossWithin the first two weeks of filming. (The couple later split. Tayshia was then called to finish the production with Clare’s contestants and five new suitors. (Tayshia, winner Zac ClarkTheir engagement was canceled in November 2021.

Hannah Ann has started dating L.A. Rams players since then. Jake Funk

“We met on TikTok,” she said on Thursday, noting that the post that caught the football player’s eyes was her video when Hannah Brown She revealed that she slept with Peter WeberSoon after calling off his engagement, he proposed to Hannah Ann. “I did not care at all. I thought it was, you know, very funny, and I had already known that, so it didn’t matter to me, but I was like, ‘Oh, this is a funny voiceover to do on TikTok.’ … It kind of went many different places and so he was on his TikTok and he saw me, like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna message her. She’s in L.A., I’m in L.A.’ So he messages me and the best part about it is he had no idea [what I was referring to]. Like, never even asked me about it until months later.”

The couple went public with their romance in February, three months after the season 15 Bachelorette’s book bombshell.