Halle Berry Reveals She Was Drunk When She Posted Wedding Prank Photo With Boyfriend Van Hunt

Halle Berry, Van Hunt

Halle Berry reveals she was drunk when she posted a wedding prank photo with boyfriend Van Hunt

It looks like Halle BerryShe is clearing the air and offering an explanation for her recent prank gone sour! The 55-year-old actress fooled all of us when she posted a photo of herself with her 51-year-old boyfriend earlier in the month. Van Hunt It was hard to believe that he was on vacation in a wedding chapel. Halle captioned the post.

“Well, it’s official”

Fans quickly put it together, and assumed Berry and Hunt had finally married. The new year was announced in a second picture. The caption for that photo was

“It’s 2022”

On Wednesday (Jan.26), Halle BerryFinally, we have some insight into the prank that went wrong while on The Tonight ShowStarring Jimmy Fallon. She confessed that she was intoxicated when she pulled the prank.

“We had copious amounts of drinks at the bar. We were trying our best to get to our rooms when we stumbled upon this little chapel. We thought let’s go in here, let’s see what’s inside here.”