Half-Brother: Family of 13 Siblings Was Hoping for 14th Child, Own Reality TV Show

January 22, 2018Jan 22, 2018

Bizarre characters, intense family drama, strange living conditions, and 15 kids and adults crammed into one average-sized California home. To David and Louise Turpin, their life was one made for reality TV. They just needed one more child — their 14th — to sweeten the deal for a Hollywood studio.

That’s the claim coming from Billy Lambert, half-brother to Louise, according to the UK Express. David and Louise now face 75 counts of abuse, endangerment, and torture after authorities were alerted to a home on Jan. 14 where beatings, imprisonment, social isolation, and absolutely filthy conditions were reportedly the only life the 13 siblings knew.

Lambert says the family initially moved from Texas to southern California in 2011 to be closer to Hollywood. He said his sister Louise thought their unconventional lifestyle would be just what the American public would drool over, especially if they had another baby.

“She used to say how they would be perfect for TV and would often mention they would be bigger than the reality show ‘Kate Plus 8,’” Lambert said. “She thought the world would be fascinated by their lives.”

And while the Turpins have captured the world’s attention, more observers have shown favor toward the death penalty for David and Louise rather than stardom. The Turpin parents also didn’t just want fame. They wanted fortune.

“They thought it would make them millions and household names,” Lambert claimed. “They didn’t care about the kids — it was all about them.”

According to Louise’s half-brother, the Turpins lived a life steeped in fantasy. They claimed to have a seven-bedroom home rather than their average-sized houses. They claimed David was still working as a well-paid engineer, even though he had left that job years earlier.

“For the last seven years, they carried on the pretense that David was working but it was all a sham,” Lambert said, adding that his sister called him once to see if she had any share in an inheritance after a relative died.

With two recent bankruptcies, money problems have reportedly plagued the Turpins. Lambert says he found out about the reality TV show dream when his sister said she and David were hoping to have a 14th child.

“I asked her why on earth they wanted more children and she said about wanting a reality TV show,” he said.

It’s unclear how David and Louise planned to conceive a 14th child with Louise being 49. Now they’re in custody, in the midst of court proceedings as many people in America express their desire to never see them free again.

The 13 siblings — six of them children, seven of them adults — are being treated at two different medical facilities. They’re showing signs of malnourishment — with the exception of the 2-year-old — as well as stunted growth, cognitive issues, and startling gaps in their knowledge about the outside world.

Please continue to pray for them as they heal and learn to function in their new lives. In related news, a neighbor has revealed his observations of the living conditions in the Turpin’s second Texas home.

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