Half a Million Students Expected to Join This Faith Initiative at Their Schools

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

On Thursday, October 5, about half a million students in public schools across the country plan on publicly displaying their faith. They are joining the fourth annual student-led religious freedom event. 

The event is called the "Bring Your Bible to School" movement and is marketed through Focus on the Family. The movement was started when Christians students began to speak up about an unspoken pressure to stay silent about their faith.

While the students understand that they cannot read their Bibles during class time, they wanted to display their faith and demonstrate their First Amendment rights to talk about their faith and read their Bibles during the rest of the school day.

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly made a statement about the upcoming event. 

He said, "Over the years we've heard from many kids and teens who want to meaningfully engage in conversations with peers to share their perspective on important issues. The good news is—they can. The Constitution recognizes students' rights to share their Biblical viewpoints in a way that doesn't disturb instruction time, and to exercise their faith at school."

"'Bring Your Bible to School Day' celebrates these rights and gives Christian students a chance to share a bit about their faith, which is an important part of who they are," he continued.

The event first began in 2014. The first year around 8,000 students participated, and it has been growing in momentum ever since. Last year, there were around 356,000 students. 

Christian influencers such as the Newsboys and Sadie Robertson helped bring attention to the event. While Focus on the Family sponsors the event, it is entirely children and teen-led. 

The official site for the event is www.bringyourbible.org. There are social media accounts on every major channel for the event as well. 

If you know a student who loves the Lord, share this event with them! We love seeing people stand up for their faith publicly. For another faith story, read our latest article about the Emmy-winning actress who has big plans to share the message of Jesus to the world. 

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