Haley Issues Harsh Words to UN Over Trump's Historic Jerusalem Announcement

December 08, 2017Dec 08, 2017

On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump made what some are calling the most important announcement of his presidency. He announced that there would be some major changes regarding American policy in the Middle East. 

President Trump said that the United States would be officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Additionally, he detailed out plans of moving the U.S. embassy from its current location of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The decision has beckoned mixed reviews. Many, including the Israeli prime minister, have complimented President Trump, saying that Jerusalem rightfully belongs to Israel and that this is a significant step forward for Christians and Jews. Others have bashed the decision, saying that it puts a halt to peace efforts between Israel and Palestine.

During his speech, President Trump wanted to emphasize the fact that he would support whatever decision Israel and Palestine made regarding turning to a two-state entity. He also said that he thinks this decision will propel peace efforts rather than create more division. 

At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday, the UN ambassador, Nikki Haley, had to defend President Trump on that point. Many UN members were criticizing the decision, saying that it would not bring peace to the land. 

Haley responded, "We must recognize that the prospect of peace is advanced, not set back. I understand the concerns that members have in calling this session. Change is hard."

She continued, saying that President Trump and the United States are completely committed to peace. In fact, she said that we are more committed now "than we've ever been before- and we believe we might be closer to that goal than ever before."

Haley went on to say that whether or not the U.S. has officially recognized it, "for nearly 70 years, Jerusalem has been the capital of the State of Israel." She called the decision "common sense."

The ambassador went on to talk about the "3,000 years of exile" that Jews had to endure. She said that they have been "patient" for this moment. 

Haley then said that any display of violence on the Palestinian side as a reaction to this announcement would be a sign that they had no desire for peace in the first place. She noted that past Israeli-Palestinian agreements have been signed on the White House lawn "because the United States has credibility of both sides."

Regarding other UN members who are constantly criticizing Israel, Haley said that it is targeted hatred. She said that the criticism has "done much more damage for the prospects of peace than to advance it."

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