Haiti Ambassador Speaks Out After Trump’s Alleged Remarks from DACA Meeting

January 15, 2018Jan 15, 2018

President Donald Trump has been in the midst of a major controversy in recent days after sources accused of him of calling Third World countries “sh--hole countries” during a private, bipartisan meeting about immigration. Trump has denied that he ever made such comments and several members who were present at the meeting came to his defense.

An unidentified source also said that the President pushed to take Haitians out of the immigration deal. Trump denied this comment, too, and even insisted that future meetings should probably be recorded to prevent this he said, she said nonsense.

Amid the controversy, Haiti Ambassador to the United States publicly commented on Trump’s alleged remarks on Monday, January 15th. Paul Altidor appeared in an interview on CNN Monday morning.

According to CNN, Altidor stated, "The words, they did hurt the community, they did hurt the country of Haiti. It hurt because one, it's an insult to our dignity, but more importantly, it's because too much of Haiti is misunderstood."

"I'm personally asking the President, come to our community," Altidor continued. "The President, as a candidate, went to Little Haiti. He told the community that he's going to be their champion. This is their opportunity."

Previously, Altidor (right) also said he was “shocked” by the President’s alleged remarks and publicly condemned them, reported the New York Post.

This news comes shortly after President Trump issued a new response about his alleged comments, insisting that he is not racist.

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