Hailey Bieber Reflects on Her and Justin Bieber’s Health Scares

It was a tough time for the Biebers. Months after Hailey BieberA blood clot had to be treated and the patient was admitted to hospital. Justin BieberRamsay Hunt syndrome was diagnosed.

“I am doing OK,” Hailey, 25, said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonWednesday, June 15. “My health scare has, you know, we’ve moved on from it and I’m just kind of allowing my body the time to heal and do its thing, but I’m doing OK.”

The model suffered “stroke-like symptoms” in March, explaining via Instagram Stories that she “suffered a very small blood clot in my brain, which caused a small lack of oxygen, but my body had passed on its own and I recovered completely within a few hours.”

Justin, however, cancelled several shows earlier in the month because he has facial paralysis after being diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder.

Justin and Hailey Bieber.
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“He’s also doing OK,” Hailey told Jimmy Fallon. “Obviously, it’s been a weird turn of events the last couple months — the last even, few days — but he’s OK. He’s gonna be totally OK.”

The couple, who were married in September 2018, publicly supported one another during their respective health struggles.

“Hailey has been an absolute rock. She’s by his side for whatever he needs, as are his other close friends and family,” an insider told Us WeeklyThis was earlier in the month. “[He] has every faith this will resolve itself eventually, but of course it’s a stressful situation to be dealing with and a tough time for both [him and Hailey]Right now. The last thing he wanted was to postpone the concerts.”

Another insider added that Hailey is “1,000 percent supportive” of her spouse.

“She will drop anything to be there for him whenever he needs,” the source explained. “She’s very caring and is such an amazing wife to him.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Hailey said their struggles have “opened up a lot of really important and amazing conversations” for the spouses.

“I think the silver lining of it, honestly, is that it brings us a lot closer. You’re going through this together, you’re being there for each other, you’re supporting each other. There’s just something that really bonds you through these times,” she said on Good Morning America. “Going through it very publicly in front of a lot of people, it kind of … forces you to be upfront about what’s going on so that people understand what you’re going through.”

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