Gunmen Open Fire on Coptic Christians in Cairo

May 26, 2017May 26, 2017

A busload of Coptic Christians, who were on their way to visit a monastery, was fired upon by a team of gunmen in Cairo, Egypt Friday. The attack killed 26 persons, wounding 25 more, according to Fox News

As many as 10 gunmen dressed in military uniforms and wearing masks stormed the bus. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Egypt’s Coptic Christians have become a favorite target in a country populated mostly by Muslims. In recent months the minority group has suffered repeated attacks at the hands of ISIS assailants.

In April, twin suicide bombings disrupted Easter celebrations. In December, an attack on a Cairo church left over 75 people dead, dozens more wounded.

ISIS claimed responsibility for those attacks and vowed that there would be more.

In February, an ISIS affiliate released a video stating that Egyptian Christians were their “favorite prey.” One of the militants in the video, wielding an AK-47 said, “God gave orders to kill every infidel.”

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo issued a security message on Wednesday that stated it was aware of a potential threat after the Hassam Group, a known terrorist organization, posted information on their website.

The threat was vague and suggested an unspecified action later that evening.

Please pray for the Coptic Christians in Egypt in this difficult time.