Gunman with Machine Gun Sprays Crowd at Jason Aldean Concert

October 02, 2017Oct 02, 2017

Dozens of people were wounded and at least 2 people are now dead after a deadly attack took place late Sunday night. Police are on the scene now and Fox News is reporting that 1 shooter is “down” at this time.

A large crowd had gathered outside the Mandalay Bay and was watching an outdoor concert. Jason Aldean had just been playing a concert outside when gunfire erupted.

People are seen crouching to the ground as machine gun bullets sprayed the crowd. Reports have said they believe the bullets were flying from above, possibly from a nearby hotel.

At this time, medics are treating people as quickly as possible. Police have locked down the strip and are telling people to stay inside their hotel rooms as well.

After the first burst of gunfire, lasting approximately 12 seconds, there was a pause. People began to run after they realized it was a gunfire attack. Then, more gunfire can be heard.

Please pray for Las Vegas and for all the victims and first responders. Check back soon for more information about this breaking story and others.

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