Gunman Dead After Terrifying School Shooting

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May 03, 2017May 03, 2017

Authorities in Texas are saying they believe they found the gunman responsible for a college campus shooting. The gunman is dead.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Irving police spokesman James McKellan told reporters at a press conference that the man who opened fire at North Lake College in Irving was found deceased, possibly as the result of suicide.

At least one victim was found dead as well. Police are clearing the campus but believe the college is no longer in an active shooter situation.

McKellan believes the suspect description earlier released to the media was inaccurate. The campus was placed on lockdown around noon after reports of shots fired.

According to Dallas News reporter Julieta Chiquillo, a college tutor claims she saw the male gunman shoot his female victim three times at close range.

The shooting follows a stabbing at the University of Texas at Austin and the shooting of a first responder in Dallas, both on Monday.

We’ll bring you more details as this story develops.

Please pray for the families of the deceased.