Guess Who Kaepernick Voted For; And It's Not Who You Think

November 10, 2016Nov 10, 2016

Who did San Francisco 49ers quarterback and social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick vote for on Election Day? Hillary Clinton, right? Nope.

According to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Eric Branch, another reporter asked Kaepernick if he'd voted yet.

"No," Kaepernick replied.

"Are you going to vote?" the reporter asked.

"No," he replied.

According to the Huffington Post, Kaepernick explained his lack of civic participation by saying, “To me, it didn’t really matter who went in there. The system still remains intact that oppresses people of color.”

So I guess it's back to trying to make a change by sitting down during the National Anthem for Kaepernick.

On his conservative radio talk show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh blasted the quarterback's choice, saying, "He didn't vote! Here's a guy who may be one of the primary reasons the audience levels in the NFL are plummeting to the cellar — here's a guy who claims he's doing it because of social justice, that he can't stand to sit in a country and be in a country where minorities are so poorly treated — and on the one day where he really has something to say and do about it, he sits on his butt and doesn't go vote."

What do you think of this?