Guess Who Could Enter The Presidential Race?

January 12, 2016Jan 12, 2016

Dick Morris was a leading political advisor to President Clinton in the 90's.  He went on to advise Republicans and candidates after Clinton left office.

In an interview with NewsMaxTV, Morris said he would not be surprised if Joe Biden reconsidered his decision and decided to enter the Presidential race for the Democratic nomination.

Biden was recently quoted as saying not a day went by that he did not regret running. The recent events that could get him back into the race, according to Morris, are the fact that Hillary's poll numbers continue to drop, especially among women.

Hillary is now running neck and neck with Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire. While Bernie Sanders was originally seen by many as having limited appeal because of his socialist viewpoints, he has been running a surprisingly tough race with Hillary.

This could point to increased vulnerability for Hillary's campaign which would make a last minute entry by Biden into the race possible. This has happened before in American politics. In 1968, Bobby Kennedy entered the race in March of 1968, after Eugene McCarthy had done well against the establishment candidate Hubert Humphrey. So it is possible that someone, even at this late date, could decide to enter the fray.