Guess What These Syrian Rapists said to the German police?

January 07, 2016Jan 07, 2016

On New Year's Eve in Germany, there were assaults on dozens of women in the city of Cologne. It now turns out that a majority of the attackers were recent migrants from Syria.  

In Germany, the "politically correct" first version of the affair failed to admit that 14 of the 15 alleged attackers were Syrian migrants -- and the 15th was from Afghanistan.

When arrested, according to Breitbart News and multiple accounts, one migrant shouted "I am Syrian, you have to treat me kindly! Mrs. Merkel has invited me!" Mrs. Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany who has extended widespread invitations to Syrian immigrants.

This is one of the many areas of grave concern to people concerned about increasing immigration from Syrian migrants to the United States. It is impossible currently to accurately determine who are legitimate refugees and who are potentially dangerous individuals -- or even terrorists. The mass attack on vulnerable women in Cologne on New Year's Eve bears this out.