Guess What. Scientists Baffled By Record Amount Of Antarctic Sea Ice

October 21, 2015Oct 21, 2015

In a world that a "consensus" of climate scientists are convinced is warming, you would think that ice would be having a harder time staying solid. But last Saturday Antarctica's ice cap hit a 35-year record in size.


In fact, according to the Washington Post, this is the second straight year the sea ice has set a record. Scientists are baffled because they say the ocean water beneath the ice has warmed.

A new study in an American Meteorological Society (AMS) journal credits a polar vortex of increasing winds for the buildup of sea ice.

But there's a problem.

University of Washington scientist Jinlun Zhang admits, “I haven’t seen a clear explanation yet of why the winds have gotten stronger."

And then there's more confusion.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, others blame the hole in the ozone later, but another issue of the AMS journal says the hole should be resulting in less ice, not more.

But scientists aren't giving up on global warming yet.

Yet another study posted to AGU Publications, Antarctic sea ice could just be a natural variability that will eventually disappear as global warming takes over.

The Washington Post reporter admits that the climate "is all very complicated."

Do you think there is still a lot that climate scientists don't know about how our Earth works?