Guess What Percent of Democratic Voters in Iowa Feel Obama Is Too Conservative?

February 04, 2016Feb 04, 2016

Exit polls in the recent Iowa caucuses revealed a startling shift in the Democratic party. According to exit polls, as recorded in the International Business Times, when asked whether a new President should continue President Obama's policies, be more liberal, or be more conservative, an astonishing 33% said a new President should be even more liberal than Obama!


President Obama has overseen the legalization of gay marriage; fought restrictions on abortion; tried numerous times to increase taxes; raised our national deficit by trillions of dollars; weakened our military; instituted ObamaCare; and overseen a host of other liberal policies. Yet according to 1/3 of Democratic voters polled in Iowa, he has not been liberal enough.

Just 7% of Democratic voters felt the next President should be more conservative than Obama; the rest felt Obama was just right.

As Bernie Sanders pulls the Democratic party to the left, there is the possibility for a huge clash of cultures and views this November in the Presidential election.