Group Of Muslim Americans Stand Up To ISIS And Says What Americans Need To Hear

August 24, 2016Aug 24, 2016

Islam has been under ever-increasing scrutiny due to the horrific terrorist attacks being carried out across the globe in its name. It has gotten so bad that when one hears an attack has been carried out, it is an almost forgone conclusion that those involved are radical Islamic terrorists.

A group of Muslims in Phoenix, Arizona could not sit back any longer and watch as their faith was being hijacked by the radical Islamic terrorists. According to the Christian Post, the Muslim group put up a billboard message to let the world know just how they truly feel.

“HEY ISIS, YOU SUCK!!!” the billboard reads. The message to ISIS is addressed from “#ActualMuslims.”


“We want out neighbors to know, we’re colleagues and classmates and neighbors,” retired ASU professor Aneesah Nadir said. “And we want our neighbors to know that we don’t approve of this at all. In fact, prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught the exact opposite of what ISIS is portraying and we want everybody to know that.”

While the billboard won’t actually help in the fight against ISIS, it is still a very welcome gesture to hear the Muslim community condemning radical Islamic terrorism and pushing back against them.

What do you think about the billboard?