Group Makes Sure That Veterans Of 'Forgotten War' Are Not Forgotten

April 30, 2016Apr 30, 2016

Veterans of World War II were widely praised when they returned home to America. Veterans of the Vietnam War were often rebuked and spat upon. But how were the troopers returning from the Korean War treated?

According to the Military Times, somewhere in between.

“You got home and everybody had the same thought — ‘you guys weren’t in a war, you’re cops. You were in a police action,’” explained Korean War veteran Bruno Bobrowski.


But this month Honor Flight Chicago wanted to make sure these veterans felt appreciated. The donation-funded group has traditionally flown World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. for a day to commemorate their service at a war memorial, but this year they wanted to give Korean War vets the same honor by flying 101 of them to our nation's capital.

For Bobrowski, it was an emotional experience that reminded him of his war buddies. But back home in Chicago, he and his fellow veterans received a heroes' welcome from loved ones and supporters waiting for their return flight to land.