Group Calls For Renewed Target BOYCOTT After THIS Dressing Room Incident

July 06, 2016Jul 06, 2016

Back in April, after Target announced it was opening up all of its public restrooms and dressing rooms to customers and employees based off their "gender identity" rather than their biological sex, many conservatives and other common-sense individuals were outraged. The American Family Association created the "Boycott Target Pledge," quickly gaining 1 million signatures. But after hitting that milestone, interest and media attention on Target has waned.

Now, after a terrifying incident last month, the American Family Association has called for a renewed boycott and a big jump in signatures throughout July.

According to the Christian Post, a 22-year-old man was arrested a couple weeks ago after he was accused of filming teenaged girls changing clothes in a Target dressing room in Bedford, New Hampshire. 7 News Boston reports that the suspect stuck his camera phone into the dressing room of the two victims to spy on them. He fled when they spotted the phone and confronted him.

Target released a statement after the incident, saying "our guests are at the center of everything we do and our commitment to creating a safe and secure shopping environment in our stores is unwavering. As a part of this commitment to safety, we have robust procedures, policies and trainings in place to ensure that our stores are safe places to shop and work.”

The American Family Association, along with other conservatives, has zeroed in on the danger the policy puts women and children in by allowing perverted men to have easy, unquestioned access to them in a vulnerable space. They're asking people who have already signed the boycott pledge to "work diligently to get just one other person in their circle of influence to sign it as well."

What do you think of this?