Greta Is Going WHERE?!

January 05, 2017Jan 05, 2017

Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren has been more favored by conservative viewers than former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, especially after she went off the record to blast Barbra Streisand for threatening to leave the country if Trump wins.

Van Susteren left Fox abruptly in September after being pulled from the air weeks before her planned departure due to Rupert Murdoch’s distaste of her attempt to renegotiate her contract, according to CNN.

Now it appears Van Susteren is following Kelly.

According to NBC News, she is joining their network just days after it was announced Kelly would be a new MSNBC host as well.

Van Susteren said Thursday, "I'm thrilled to start my next chapter at MSNBC. The network is the right destination for the smart news and analysis I hope to deliver every day, and I look forward to joining the talented journalists and analysts I respect there."

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