Country Star, Wife Share Emotional Tribute for Son Who Died in Drowning Accident: ‘God Gave Us Him for 3 Years’

June 20, 2019Jun 20, 2019

June 6th, 2019 marked a tragic day for country star Granger Smith and his family. Smith and his wife, Amber Bartlett, lost their 3-year-old son River Kelly Smith in a drowning accident at their home.

Although few details were given regarding the nature of his death, it is known that attempts to revive the young child were unsuccessful. As previously reported, the family decided to donate his organs so that other children can have another chance at life.

Just a few weeks after River’s passing, Smith and his wife spoke out about the incident for the first time. In a newly-released video, the couple shared an emotional tribute for their late son and emphasized their dependence on God amidst this great tragedy.

"It was actually a night just like this and I was outside playing with London," Granger said of the day River died. "We were doing gymnastics in the yard and the boys were playing a water gun fight. I remember thinking, I was looking at London, as she was doing gymnastics and I thought, 'Soak up this moment because it's not going to last forever.'"

"Somewhere between 30 seconds and three minutes Amber and I are inside our pool gate doing CPR on our son," he mentioned.

While discussing his Christian faith, he stated, "I think the platform that we immediately stand for is love those close to you, soak up those moments, live for today, live in the present because we're not guaranteed tomorrow. What happened to us that night defied all possibilities. We believe that God gave us River for three years and that was his mission. I don't believe that God takes anyone too soon."

"I'm not going to play around in my mind that there's this fictitious timeline of River graduating from college or high school or playing football because I believe that he was put on this Earth for that exact amount of time," the country singer added.

"We are stronger than ever right now. We've gotten so close and we are going to constantly search for the meaning behind all of this... We will find the meaning and the good in this and to spread this message and his legacy. He'll always be with me and he'll always be in our hearts," Smith continued.

The country star concluded the video by saying his family is “very blessed” with the time they had River on earth. They will continue to “live their best lives” together. Smith is even headed back out on the road next week for his music.

Watch highlights from the Smiths’ emotional video below:

Please continue praying for their family during this difficult time. In other celebrity news, there was a stabbing on the set of Anne Hathaway’s new film.