Grandpa surprises 95-year-old sister whom he has not seen in half a decade

Reuniting with loved ones you haven’t seen in years always brings lots of laughter, happy tears, and stories waiting to be told. That’s exactly what happened between a grandpa and his sister who lives in a care facility across the country.

Mary Pine, 95, and her brother, Bob Taylor, 84, call each other every day. But because of the pandemic and Mary moving into an assisted living facility, the siblings hadn’t met in person for five years.

The last time they saw each other was when Mary traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to surprise Bob at his home.

Mary Pine and Bob Taylor
Mary and Bob in 2016 | YouTube

On July 4, Mary’s birthday, Bob decided it was his turn to surprise his big sister. So, he sought the help of his granddaughters, Morgan Taylor, 27, and Kenzie Hardin, 24, to plan their journey going to Mary’s care facility in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

Hardin lived in Florida, which means flying as a group wasn’t an option. So, she traveled to Atlanta and chose to drive. The trio made the 13-hour journey to Pennsylvania, only stopping for gas and bathroom breaks.

Mary Pine seeing her birthday surprise

On July 4, staff at Mary’s care facility called her into a room, with the birthday celebrant clueless of what was about to happen in the next few moments.

Once Mary entered, her family members greeted her with a Happy Birthday. Her jaw dropped, and upon seeing Bob come out, happy tears started to fall. The siblings hugged for a long time, and Mary continued to cry on Bob’s shoulder.

Mary Pine and Bob Taylor meeting again after five years

“It definitely pulled some heartstrings,” Taylor said about the pair’s long-awaited meet-up. “I’m so happy he got the opportunity to see her again and her reaction was priceless. I know they were both overwhelmed with joy and love and that’s all I could ask for as a granddaughter. Hearing them reminisce on old times and tell stories like they happened yesterday was so heartwarming.”

Mary couldn’t be happier with her birthday gift.

“I’m so thankful my family worked together to pull this amazing surprise off,” she said. “It was so great seeing all of them.”

Footage of their sweet reunion was posted on YouTube, eliciting heartfelt reactions from viewers who cried with Mary during the moment.

Mary Pine and Bob Taylor hugging

“Wow. Imagine being 94 and still bless to say “I’m going to surprise my big sister.” Unbelievable. That close in age you know they were each other childhood playmates, like twins,” commented one.

“So beautiful! We need this thank you for sharing. Love keeps us connected no matter how long it’s been or where we end up in life. Love remains till we see each other again..So happy for them and the family. Many blessings!” another wrote.

Others reflected on their relationship with their own grandparents.
“Grandparents are precious, I only have one left who will be turning 94 in September, I make sure to visit her every time i have the chance bc I never know when it’ll be my last chance to spend time w/her,” one said.

Watch Mary and Bob’s tear-jerking reunion in the video below.