Grammy-Nominated Musician and Famous Wife Split After 4 Years Together

March 16, 2018Mar 16, 2018

Over the last several weeks, rumors have been swirling about relationship troubles between famous rapper Logic and his wife, Jessica Andrea. Now, it appears that the rumors were true, as the couple has officially split.

28-year-old Logic is a famous rapper and was nominated for two Grammy awards for “Song of the Year” and “Best Music Video.” Jessica Andrea is a singer and social media star who has gained an extremely large following over the last several years. While the two are recognized for their career success, they have been making headlines for their relationship in recent days.

The couple was under a microscope after Andrea reportedly unfollowed Logic on social media. Fans started questioning if there were issues in their marriage. Additionally, the last photo that the couple took together was back in January at the Grammys.

Now, reports have emerged that the couple has officially split. Logic and Andrea were married in the fall of 2015 and had been together for over two years prior to that.

According to sources close to the couple, neither Logic nor Jessica Andrea has filed divorce documents. However, a reconciliation “does not seem likely.”

It is unclear when exactly the couple split, though Logic was speaking highly of his wife recently, in GQ’s February issue. He was talking about his tattoo, which reads “Happy wife, happy life.”

He said, “I actually got it before I got married. I just knew. I loved the woman that I was with and I felt really good about that because as much success you can have, or money and financially being stable, amassing fans, millions of people who know who you are, it is all nothing without having someone to share it with.”

According to PEOPLE, last May Logic was talking about his future with his wife. He said that he was hoping to have three children with Andrea. Now, that is no longer the case.

Neither Logic nor Jessica Andrea has addressed their decision with a statement yet, but we will update when they do. In other recent news, the toddler who gained worldwide attention 5 years ago after a freak accident has just passed away. Please be praying for his family during this difficult time.

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