Government Claims Low Unemployment Despite Record Number Of Americans Not Working

October 05, 2015Oct 05, 2015

According to the government’s reporting, America is a vibrant and prosperous country.  They claim a low unemployment rate.  But that is not the whole story.

As reported by Breitbart, for the month of September, 94,610,000 Americans over the age of 16 were not in the labor force.

The 94 million takes into account people that have retired.  It also takes into account people who are unemployed, discouraged, and have given up looking for work.  The staggering figure is an all-time record.

The government figures also show that the civilian labor force is 156,715,000 people strong.  That figure has declined by 350,000 compared to last month.  The labor force participation rate is at 62.4%, the lowest that it has been since October of 1977.

All in all 148,800,000 were employed in September, 7,915,000 were unemployed, and 5,955,000 were actively looking for work.

With the careful placement of people into different categories, and despite the overwhelming number people who do not have a job, the government claims a small figure of unemployment in America at 5.1%