Sports Star Considered to be ‘One of the Game’s Greatest’ Passes Away at 81 Years Old

February 13, 2019Feb 13, 2019

Sports fans are currently in mourning after learning about the passing of a true soccer legend. Gordon Banks, who is considered to be “one of the game’s greatest” players of all time in his position, sadly passed away at 81 years old.

News of his death broke on Tuesday, February 13th. However, the cause of death and exactly when he died is unclear. According to BBC Sports, his family confirmed that he passed away “peacefully overnight."

"We are devastated to lose him but we have so many happy memories and could not have been more proud of him,” the family said in a statement to the media.

Banks was the former goalkeeper for England’s professional football team. He played professionally starting in the early 1960s before retiring in 1973.

Throughout his soccer career, Banks achieved several amazing accomplishments. He was named Fifa goalkeeper of the year six times, earned 73 caps for England, was the 1966 World Cup-winning goalkeeper, and won the League Cup with other teammates.

Banks leaves behind his wife, Ursula Banks, and their three children: Robert, Wendy, and Julia Banks.

Please pray for Bank’s friends, family, and loved ones during this difficult time! He will be greatly missed.

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