GOP Poll: Trump Most Popular Ever; But Who Is Second?

September 13, 2015Sep 13, 2015

Despite daily controversy spurred by his outspoken nature, the Trump machine keeps surging ahead. According to ABC News, a new CNN/ORC poll shows real-estate-mogul-turned-GOP-presidential-candidate Donald Trump at his highest level of support among Republican voters in this election season.

At 32% of GOP voter support amidst a crowded field of candidates, Trump's popularity is especially growing with women and college graduates.

And that support has led to the slight majority of poll respondents (51%) to believe that Trump will secure the Republican nomination.

But who is second and gaining?


Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 19% of Republican support, showing once again a voter base that is favoring candidates who are not ensconced in the political establishment. If you do that math, Trump and Carson combined have 51% support. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is at third with 9% support.

Do you think Trump will get the GOP nomination? Do you think Carson has a chance of winning it, or someone else like Bush?