GOP Politician Pulls Out Handgun on Stage

September 26, 2017Sep 26, 2017

Well, things got a bit interesting at a campaign rally for an Alabama candidate on Monday. At the rally, Roy Moore decided to take a major action.

After mentioning how he didn’t have the money to combat negative ads against him, Moore did something to set the record straight. Moore claimed that negative ads had said he is against the Second Amendment.

“Ads that were completely false. That I don’t believe in the Second Amendment,” the former state Supreme Court judge said.

Then Moore reached into his pocket and pulled out a handgun! Watch the video below!

“You know, they say that guns are bad, that they kill people. Well, I know a lot about guns. I’m the one that used guns in combat. I know what guns do … Guns don’t kill, people kill. (You could say) cars kill, are we going to get rid of our cars? Are we going to get rid of our knives? No. We’ve got to bring morality back to our country,” Moore said.

Moore also said he believes we need to uphold the Second Amendment. His supporters went wild after he displayed the gun on stage!

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