GOP Lawmaker Proposes Building Wall Between Two U.S. States, Sparks Firestorm

March 21, 2018Mar 21, 2018

As President Trump continues to work on getting a high wall constructed along the U.S.-Mexico border to slow the daily flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, and weapons across the border, one GOP lawmaker sparked a firestorm when she suggested a similar wall between two U.S. states.

According to The Hill, U.S. Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), who is running for Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat, was talking at the White House on Tuesday about the how California’s sanctuary laws — protecting illegal immigrants — can have a negative effect on her neighboring state.

“But if these dangerous policies continue out of California, we might need to build a wall between California and Arizona as well to keep these dangerous criminals out of our state," the retired USAF commander said.

McSally was smiling when she made her wall proposal, and it was understood as a joke, especially since building a wall along the approximately 250-mile-long border would be made difficult by the fact that the entire border between the two states traces its way down the middle of the Colorado River.

California breaking off into the ocean after a particularly big earthquake might be more likely. Liberals, however, didn’t understand what McSally said as a joke. Or, at least, they didn’t appreciate it.

A Phoenix New Times writer blasted the congresswoman, calling her comment “racist,” “outlandish,” “anti-immigrant,” and “her latest gaffe.” But the writer did acknowledge that a “lot of Arizona Republicans would be thrilled to see fewer liberal Californians moving” to their state.

About 143,000 people moved out of California in 2016, and about almost quarter of them relocated to Arizona, according to the Orange County Register, making California the nation’s leader in people fleeing it. But others on social media blasted McSally’s remark.

Trump recently visited prototypes of a new U.S-Mexico border wall. Watch his joint appearance with a U.S. Border Patrol official, who explained how effective existing walls have been and how much better a "see-through" wall would be:

What do you think about all of this? In other news, a desperate search for a missing two-year-old girl has ended. A family could really use your prayers.

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