GOP Debate: What Trump Pledged NOT To Do Had Moderator Applauding

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015

A big moment of CNN's GOP debate Tuesday evening in Las Vegas was when moderator and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt asked front-runner candidate Donald Trump if he was committed to the Republican Party.

Hewitt posed the question, "Mr. Trump, my listeners tell me again and again they're worried that Hillary Clinton will win the White House because you run as an independent. Are you ready to reassure the Republicans tonight that you will run as a Republican and abide by the decision of the Republicans."

There has long been speculation that Trump will leave the Republican Party if he's not nominated in spite of his consistent lead in the polls and will run third-party, splitting the conservative vote and giving Hillary a better chance at the White House. Back in September, Trump signed a pledge to not run as an independent in 2016, but the worries have persisted.

Asked if he was ready to reassure Republicans, Trump unhesitatingly replied, "I really am. I'll be honest, I really am."

His reply was immediately greeted by applause from the debate audience and clapping from Hewitt himself.


Trump then explained his answer, saying "I've gained great respect for the Republican leadership. I've gained great respect for many — and I'm going to even say all, in different forms — of the people on this [GOP debate stage]. I have great respect for the people I met through this process. I will tell you, I am totally committed to the Republican Party. I feel very honored to be the front-runner, and I think I'll do very well if I'm chosen. Polls have come out recently [saying] I will beat Hillary. I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton. I can promise you."

His answer was again met by jubilant applause.

Do you agree with Trump's commitment and his reasons for it? Or do you think he's risking his chances of running against Hillary?

Hear Trump's answer for yourself below: