Google Offers Street View for the First Time Outside of Our Planet

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

Ever since Google launched its Street View feature, Google Maps users have been able to see many parts of America — and the world — raw, unfiltered, and close up from the perspective of the camera-equipped cars that the internet giant employs. And while it can be useful for finding a business or checking out what the hotel you booked actually looks like from the outside, Street View also can be used for the fun of seeing what your childhood home looks like now.

But not everything that Google “Street Views” is actually a street. According to Google, they’ve also taken their 360-degree cameras to non-driving locations like Peru’s Machu Picchu ruins, India’s Taj Mahal, a trail down into the Grand Canyon, an erupting volcano, numerous underwater ocean locations, and much more.

Now Google has “Street Viewed” a place you can’t even find on our planet. According to Extreme Tech, you can now get a taste of what it’s like to be in the International Space Station, 249 miles above the surface of the earth.

The observation module is the most impressive, not only providing stunning views of the earth but also allowing those aboard the station to observe extravehicular activities. The numerous cameras secured around the room are a testament to the fantastic sights the astronauts get to see.

Node 1, nicknamed Unity, offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the astronauts and gives you an idea that there really is no floor or ceiling in zero gravity. It does appear that the astronauts are fans of Sriracha hot sauce.

The Mini-Research Module 2, named Poisk, makes it clear that life aboard the International Space Station is not for the claustrophobic. In April, astronaut Peggy Whitson set the record for the most time anyone has spent in space, according to the UK’s Mirror. By the end of her current long-duration stay aboard the station, she’ll have spent 650 days off our planet. Scientists on the station conduct numerous experiments on the effects of weightlessness on humans, other living things, and objects.

So did Google send one of their 360-degree cameras and a photographer up to the station to create the Street View? No. They actually directed astronauts aboard to take numerous pictures with the own cameras from all different angles so that Google could stitch them all together to create the Street View effect.

Take a look for yourself at the results or watch a video featuring it and how Google and the astronauts put it together:

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