Google Founder Just Revealed His New Means Of Transportation. Could This Be The Way Of The Future?

April 27, 2017Apr 27, 2017

A Silicon Valley tech start-up company has taken transportation to a whole new level! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a flying car? Well, Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, will soon know exactly what it would be like. 

According to the New York Times, Page is backing the start-up company, named Kitty Hawk, and their invention of the Kitty Hawk flyer. It is an "all-electric aircraft" that is built to be flown over water for recreational use. This personal aircraft doesn't require the driver to have a pilot's license and the creators of this product say users will be comfortable flying the aircraft within minutes. 

Page recently released a statement about this exciting new vehicle,

“We’ve all had dreams of flying effortlessly. I’m excited that one day very soon I’ll be able to climb onto my Kitty Hawk Flyer for a quick and easy personal flight.”

Kitty Hawk has plans for the public to be able to purchase the flyer by the end of this year. While there has not been an announcement for pricing, the company is offering an incentive for consumers to pay $100 now to sign up and then receive $2,000 off their purchase of a Kitty Hawk Flyer. 

To see the Kitty Hawk in action, watch the video below! 

Would you want to purchase one? Do you think this is just one step closer to flying cars?

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