Google Develops Tech To SAFELY Deliver Packages To Your Home Via Drone

January 31, 2016Jan 31, 2016

Do you find yourself frequently keeping an eye out the front window for an incoming UPS or FedEx truck? Is Amazon Prime's two-day delivery much too slow for your patience level? Well, soon you may be keeping an eye to the sky instead.

It's no secret that Amazon has been working on plans to use small drones to deliver packages to your home in 30 minutes or less. They even have a name for the service, Amazon Prime Air, and a webpage showcasing the concept.

But if you're like me, you may have already wondered, what will keep people from following an Amazon drone and stealing your package when it lands?


Ever an innovator, Google is has filed a patent for their plan to solve just that. According to Reuters, Google's solution is a "delivery receptacle" that is designed to receive your order and keep it safe until you can retrieve it. The receptacles will use infrared beacons to guide incoming Google drones in for a landing in whatever safe location you place it in.

But how soon can we start filling the skies with our online buys? The Federal Aviation Administration is still finalizing rules for commercial drone flights, but they could complete that task as soon as this year.

How do you like this idea? Do you think drone delivery is something you would use to get your online orders more quickly?