Good Guy With A Gun Stops Armed Robber, The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Report THIS.

July 13, 2016Jul 13, 2016

In the aftermath of the Dallas police murders, left leaning politicians and journalists pandered and demanded more gun restrictions against law abiding citizens. Some went as far as to ask how come no good guy with a gun jumped in to stop the cop killings, as if that narrative was justification enough for a state sponsored gun ban.

Every time a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy from carrying out a deadly attack, you never hear about it from the mainstream media. If they do end up reporting it the hero is usually described as a vigilante.

One such case of a hero using his second amendments rights to protect his family and fellow citizens happened last Thursday in DeSoto, Texas. According to Breitbart, a gunman burst into a Waffle House armed with an AK-47. The man robbed several of the customers before walking out of the restaurant.

A customer who was in the restaurant was carrying a concealed handgun and waiting for his wife to arrive. As the robber walked outside, the man fearing that his wife and other people might be targeted in the parking lot got up and followed the robber outside.

Once outside, the man called out to the robber. The robber turned and raised his rifle and the man shot the robber down. Police officers arrived and took the robber to the hospital for his injuries. The heroic man was not charged with any crime.

This is yet another victory for the 2nd amendment that destroys the liberal gun control narrative.