VIDEO: Pro PGA Golfer Hits Stray Shot, Bounces Off His Own Wife

May 13, 2019May 13, 2019

A famous golfer just hit the shot of a lifetime. While most people would expect it resulted in an incredible hole-in-one, it actually was something far more unique!

Tyler Duncan had a long shot bounce and hit his own wife! Luckily, she was not hurt!

"Maria, standing on the green just a few yards away from the rest of the crowd, was left unscathed. Duncan managed to put the par-4 13th hole blemish behind him and finished the tournament in a tie for 5th place at 17-under par," reported Fox.

Tyler explained the reason behind the shot. He thinks it probably had something to do with some debris on the ball.

“I had a little mud on the ball, little unfortunate timing there and shot out to the right,” Duncan told the PGA Tour website. “Took a big bounce and hit her, I guess. I didn’t know until after the round. … I’m just happy she’s not hurt.”

Watch the video in the tweet below. It's truly a once in a lifetime shot!

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