Goldie Hawn Allegedly Refusing To Attend Daughter Kate Hudson’s Wedding After Bill Hudson Was Invited, Anonymous Insider Says

It is Goldie HawnRefusing to attend Kate Hudson‘s wedding? One tabloid claims that the Cactus Flower The actress was furious to learn that her daughter planned on inviting her estranged father to the wedding ceremony. Here’s what we know about Hawn’s wedding boycott.

Goldie Hawn ‘Tosses Wrench’ Into Kate Hudon’s Wedding Plans?

This week, Globe reports Goldie Hawn isn’t happy with Kate Hudson’s wedding guest list. Despite years of separation, Hudson apparently wants to invite Bill, her biological father, to her wedding. While Hudson has been hinting at her desire to get to know her father and half-siblings, she’s apparently ready to make the first moveWith a formal wedding invitation.

“Kate reuniting with her [biological] dad has been the elephant in the room for a long time, but now it can’t be avoided any longer,” an insider dishes. But her mother isn’t going to just let her invite Bill without putting up a fight. “Goldie will not tolerate Bill at her daughter’s wedding, and there’s nothing Kate can do to change her mom’s mind!” the source exclaims. “Kate can’t believe her mom could be so childish and so ruthless, and yet she may have to give in to Goldie’s demands.”

Goldie Hawn ‘Vowing To Sabotage’ Kate Hudson’s Wedding?

This report simply isn’t true. According to Kate Hudson’s own comments, she has no intention of forcing any kind of relationship with Bill. “I think that estrangement is unfortunately quite common,” she explained in an interview with Today. “I think it’s important for people to talk about that. If they can’t reconnect or if it’s too challenging, that it’s okay, right?”

And while it’s true Kate has said that she wished she had a better relationship with her half-siblings, she hasn’t expressed any desire to reunite with her biological father. Furthermore, one glance at her Instagram page will tell you there’s no tension between Hudson and Hawn. The actress recently posted an adorable holiday photo of her own daughter and Hawn, making it clear that they aren’t avoiding one another.

The other thing is that the Globe This story has been promoted by the tabloid for some time. In November, the tabloid published an almost identical story saying that Hawn was furious at Hudson for inviting Bill to Hudson’s wedding. There wasn’t any evidence to support the story then, and there certainly isn’t any to support it now. It’s safe to assume this report was just mindless speculation and there’s no truth to the claims.

The Tabloid on Goldie Hawn

The Globe Has a long history of making mistakes about Goldie Hawn. Around this time last year, the magazine claimed Kurt Russell was “ready to walk” out on Hawn. Then the publication reported Hawn’s face was “ruined” by too much plastic surgery. Even the top Goldie Hawn story in 2021 was published by the outlet. Naturally, the Globe isn’t reliable when it comes to Hawn or her family.